For fans of:aphex twin, portishead, rjd2, flying lotus, dj shadow

Wave Well is an ongoing experimental music project written and performed by Bay Area native Anthony Moore.

"At the dawn of the new millennium I found myself turning as a person. My mind was being unlocked and my "self" was being actualized. The vehicle to my love for music came in the form of ones and zeros. I discovered music production software around the time that they were on average in version 2 or in the early stages of development, but I immediately realized the power and potential of this new digital era. In a time of self discovery I buried myself in music and ignored the typical social opportunities of a twenty year old. I instead wrote songs and compositions in my free time. Without any musical experience or healthy exposure outside of pop radio I learned and developed principals of music in my own personal way. This is probably what leads to the unique and creative output of my work."

"My musical philosophy leans heavily on the side of independence. I believe that the writing process should be in isolation and as far from influence as possible. This is to ensure originality. To find the strength within and to exercise the mind in a way that one can create independently is key. Consequently my production style is unique and sometimes unorthodox. I sample sounds from ordinary household objects and digitally manipulating the recording to create original timbres and odd rhythms. I also capitalize on the sounds of malfunction. My aim is to personalize everything and my goal is to be unreplicateable. I take pride in the fact that I spend more time creating a unique sound than I do writing music with it. With an arsenal of vintage beat machines, analogue synthesizers, hard effects and even circuit bent toys, I am well equipped to make material that is far from trendy or fleeting in time. With a humble reality in mind I do strive to be timeless. I believe The journey is more important than the destination, but he who keeps this truth near the heart will arrive."