We Are Servants

For fans of:Millencolin, Good Charlotte, MxPx, Zebrahead, Rise Against

Many have been called to express their music, immortalise its message, and perform songs before the world. However, very few are chosen to walk that path. Even fewer get the opportunity to impact a legion of supporters in their daily lives. Inheriting such an opportunity takes rare talent, hard work, and a great vision. Rock music is a genre that requires real musical composing skill and an innate ability to perform. Historically, a number of groups have come along and brought their own brand of sonic engagement for listeners all over the world.

We Are Servants is not just another rock band. The Australian outfit was founded in Brisbane, Queensland. The core members of We Are Servants are Zach Almond and Jamie Stevens. The group started on its career path at a very young age. The members came together at a relevant time in their early adulthood after forming a musical synergy that was very unique. Like many great musical acts who are major stars today, We Are Servants started off with very humble beginnings.