Whelm the Gruntle

For fans of:Homebrewed Kiwi/Brit Folk, Mostly Acoustic, Existential Angst, Comic Verse and Hymnody, Actually Original Songs

Whelm the Gruntle is the music vehicle of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Robinson and whichever musical friends happen to be along for the ride at the time. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, I play piano, guitars, mandolins and percussion (also working on fiddle and fife but they're not yet ready for public consumption). The music is hard to place in a clear genre, definitely folky, mostly acoustic, sometimes silly, sometimes introverted, biblical allusions abound, and the odd instrumental. It's totally home made in my living room and a lack of time and resources result in some innovative solutions to musical problems. Check out my influences on my website to give you slightly less of an idea of what I sound like. Better still just listen to the music. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the music. :-)