White Rabbits

Daytrotter Session - Jun 18, 2012

Jun 18, 2012 Good Danny's Austin, TX by White Rabbits
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Kid On My Shoulders
  3. I Had It Coming
  4. Heavy Metal
Every night for almost 10 days, we couldn't wait for New York's White Rabbits to road test one of their new songs, "I Had It Coming," on our last Barnstormer tour. It's subsequently been released on the group's latest record, "Milk Famous," a wonderful collection on a beautiful bubblegum pink, wax platter. Of course, there were other songs on those mild nights that were eagerly anticipated, but it was this new one that seemed - already - quintessentially White Rabbits, as if it should have been in their canon for years already. It's a seemingly tumultuous song under its surface, coming off mostly cool and together, but there's no getting around the tension that these old friends from Missouri love to mess around with. It's that tension that they breathe and reintroduce into the world that forms their best pieces. The narrator in "I Had It Coming," seems to know that a mistake has been made - something huge and undeniable. It's his mistake. Or it's not his mistake, but it hardly matters. The character doesn't want to get caught, but he's tired of trying to get away from it anymore. He's claimed his guilt at some point and it could be that it's settled his heart down some. There's some peace that's fallen into place, but there are still all kinds of spots where the black ice finds the tires and the skids and screeches interrupt any smoothed out notions. These are the stories that occupy the back halls of the mind, those moments when the night is working its fingernails across a chalkboard, when nothing's all that it seemed to be when the lights were brighter and more natural. White Rabbits have a way of reminding us that, whether we like it or not, we're probably at least three different people at all times. It's just a decision that has to be made about which one gets to wear the clothing at different parts of the day. Sometimes there's no decision. It's made up for us and that's when we're fine with the fallout, when it sometimes feels like a back rub that can't be trusted.