William Matheny

Daytrotter Session - Aug 28, 2017

Aug 28, 2017 Daytrotter Studios Davenport, IA by William Matheny
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  1. Tonight And Every Night From Now On
  2. 29 Candles
  3. If You Could Only See Me Now
  4. My Grandfather Knew Stoney Cooper
William Matheny reflects on the mundane and makes it somehow seem like it's worth a shit. This is modern day Americana. William does his best Jayhawks worship on "blood moon singer" while "teenage bones" would have been a radio hit in the early to mid 90's next to Mr. Jones. William has one full length under his belt with staying power for a classic Sophmore lp. Check out his debut lp Strange Constellations released earlier this year on Misra records.