For fans of:al l bo, Clouds Testers, Klara Rubel, Arne Woutersax, Victoria Romanova

WorldOfBrights / UnitedStatesOfBrights - private Moscow labels of licensed original music. Musical editor & content owner - al l bo (Alexander Bobrov). 

WorldOfBrights PURE unites licensed music and visual content by Moscow projects al l bo, Clouds Testers, Arne Woutersax & The Soap Opera - original tracks and visual images, official remixes, acapellas and remixpacks. WorldOfBrights HUB is 'artistic compilations' digital label, based on WorldOfBrights management and software technologies, special designed for bright original music & visual content publishing, streaming & 'around the world' broadcasting.

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"WorldOfBrights" content available under All Rights Reserved License / Licensing of original tracks, karaoke versions and remixes (C) Alexander Bobrov: