AL l BO - AL | BO TRONICA by WorldOfBrights
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For fans of:al l bo, Clouds Testers, Klara Rubel, Arne Woutersax, Victoria Romanova
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  1. Around The World (Original Mix)
  2. Because I Love You (Original Mix)
  3. Be The Stellar! (Original Mix)
  4. Deep In My Soul (feat. Big Arti, Original Mix)
  5. Headphones Intimate (feat. Wooshendoo, Original Mix)
  6. I Love You Baby (feat. Artful Fox, Original Mix)
  7. In The Second Role (Original Mix)
  8. Jam around Thriller (feat. QueLy, Original Mix)
  9. Kazatchok (feat. Mota, Original Mix)
  10. Lazybones Disco (feat. DIMTA, Original Mix)
  11. London Awaits (Original Mix)
  12. Love Me, Love You (feat. Black Mafia DJ, Original Mix)
  13. al l bo - Lovely Track (feat. Black Mafia DJ, Remix)
  14. Melodic Apocalypse (feat. Petr, Karcep Edition)
  15. Morning Of Space (feat. Sairtech, Original Mix)
  16. Moscow Matrix (feat. Alex Poison, Original Mix)
  17. Nice, Nice, Nice (feat. Black Mafia DJ, Original Mix)
  18. Oblivion (feat. Wooshendoo, Original Mix)
  19. On The Dance Floor (feat. Black Mafia DJ, Original Mix)
  20. Phantom Of The Disco (Original Mix)
  21. Road To Nowhere (feat. Sairtech, Original Mix)
  22. Rocket Star (feat. Sairtech, Original Mix)
  23. So Good! (feat. Big Arti, Original Mix)
  24. Staying Alive (Original Mix)
  25. Superman (feat. Mad Dope, Original Mix)
  26. Supernow (feat. Andres NekrassoV, Original Mix)
  27. Time Travel (feat. Black Mafia DJ, Original Mix)
  28. Vampired! (Original Mix)
  29. Wake Up! (Original Mix)
  30. Walls Of Tears (Original Mix)
  31. Watchdogs (feat. Mike Cox, Original Mix)
  32. Where Is Your Prince (feat. Pavel Gerasimoff, Original Mix)

"AL | BO TRONICA" is a first al l bo ' s singles album, contains well-known in Eastern Europe and CIS-region songs and in-studio vocal improvisations, previously published in many WorldOfBrights sublabel's compilations & series. al l bo - one of most remixed singer and analog synths player, so hundreds of incredible official remixes try to "outshine" his original songs, but, we hope, "AL | BO TRONICA" intends to maintain a balance: just play it up!


Songwriter, mastering, compiled by, digital visual arts - Alexander Bobrov Arrangers - al l bo, Andres NekrassoV, Artful Fox, Big Arti, Black Mafia DJ, Karcep, Mad Dope, Mike Cox, Pavel Gerasimoff, Petr, Sairtech, QueLy, Wooshendoo Painting / Photo / Visual Arts - Georg Kleefass

For fans of:al l bo, Clouds Testers, Klara Rubel, Arne Woutersax, Victoria Romanova
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