Wyatt Counterman

For fans of:Jason Mraz, Casey Abrams, Hey Marseilles, Of Monsters and Men, Jack Johnson

Wyatt Counterman is a 16 year old musician and songwriter from Kalamazoo, MI. He began his musical experience when he was 8, after realizing how fun it was to play piano in his 2nd grade music class. From there, his love of music has grown and he has picked up a plethora of other instruments, primarily drum set and ukulele. Wyatt began composing in 6th grade for a rock band that he started with his friends and brother called "Random AX". This band is what inspired Wyatt to learn drums. He writes pieces of all styles, from classical to pop to jazz. He started with a laptop and a podcasting mic and continued to upgrade his setup. Today he has a "studio" of sorts in his basement with professional microphones, gear, and instruments. Wyatt is fascinated with recording and loves to see how a good recording can make a good musician sound great.