Your Story Hour

For fans of:Adventures in Odyssey, Paws & Tales, The Bible in Living Sound, Eric B. Hare

Your Story Hour is a non-profit ministry that has been creating children's stories since 1949! Our stories, broadcast on the radio, have reached around the world! Listen to what our founder, Stanley Hill, had to say about the creation of Your Story Hour:

"Back in the middle or late 40's, more and more people were talking about the rapid growth of juvenile delinquency. One weekend, there were four couples of us who had come together for a dinner. The subject of the children's needs came up for discussion.

Our hostess...suggested perhaps it would be a good idea if we would band together and conduct a Saturday afternoon story hour. Shortly thereafter, we secured the use of the town hall located above the fire department in the small village of Eau Claire, Michigan.

Every Saturday afternoon, come rain or shine, a gang of neighborhood kids came clambering up the stairs. Why? To hear exciting stories from the Bible and from true-to-life situations..."

And that's exactly what you'll hear, too. Back then, stories were told in English, but these days we tell them in English, Spanish, and Russian! So give it a listen; you just might find something you like.

God Bless!

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