Zealey & Moore

For fans of:David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, ELO, Billy Bragg
John Zealey & Ian Moore have been stalwarts of the Aylesbury music scene since the early 80’s, performing in all kinds of band formats: cover bands, jam nights, solo acoustic slots etc. Initially they got together to start a Bowie tribute band, but got distracted by their shared love of the doner kebab and how much other music they had in common (both are gushing fans of David Bowie and Pink Floyd), and decided they wanted to make original music that unashamedly reflected what they love. They have made an album and also done a movie soundtrack – winning an award for the soundtrack for Kill Keith – featuring Keith Chegwin and other English B-list celebs. They regularly perform as an acoustic duo but also go out as a band with Diz Minnitt (ex Marillion) on bass, and the 16 year old James Zealey on drums. You will also be able to catch them at Hobble On The Cobbles in August. More info from www.zealeyandmoore.co.uk