Donald Trump Junior Told Republicans to Vote the Day after Election Day

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Donald Trump Junior Told Republicans to Vote the Day after Election Day

We’ve written extensively here at Paste about the bucket of mush that is our president’s brain, and today Donald Trump Jr. decided to get in on the fun. Today is election day across America, as any cursory review of any news source would reveal, but our president’s large adult son either has been out of the loop or doesn’t know how to read a calendar. Normally I embed tweets, but I have a feeling this one will be deleted soon, so here’s a screenshot (as of this writing, it’s still up on Trump Jr.’s Twitter though).


Furthering this hilariously stupid mistake, Junior retweeted this Ed Gillespie tweet with correct info about voting a half hour before the idiocy above. I think this makes it safe to question whether Donald Trump Jr. can read.

What makes this so amazing (other than the rank stupidity that will likely cost the GOP votes belonging to lemmings who only get their news from Trumplandia), is how often Junior makes fun of other people for being stupid. For example, here is his pinned tweet.

It’s quite the juxtaposition—seeing a tweet from the son of the president telling people to go vote the day after an election underneath one going after people for rank stupidity—but that’s just par for the course in the Trump Era. I’ve said this before and I will say this a million times again: this presidency is the dumbest thing that has ever happened.

UPDATE: That tweet was up for three hours before someone presumably told Jr. that his own timeline would reveal that today is, in fact, election day in Virginia. He posted this new tweet where the subtext seems to be him yelling at himself for being so incredibly stupid.

Jacob Weindling is a staff writer for Paste politics. Follow him on Twitter at @Jakeweindling.

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