Trump to Name Former Goldman Sachs Executive Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary

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Donald Trump made “draining the swamp” a central focus of his campaign, but it’s looking like that may be a promise he’s going to abandon in actually governing. The president-elect is set to pick Steven Mnuchin as his Treasury Secretary after a recommendation from his team, the Associated Press reports.

Mnuchin served as Trump’s finance chairman during the campaign, but had a long career in the finance world before that. Like our future president himself, Mnuchin has contributed to Hillary Clinton during past campaigns. According to filings from the Federal Election Commission, Mnuchin has donated more than $8,000 to Clinton since 2000.

Prior to the election, Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs and OneWest Bank, which was the subject of controversy because of a series of attempted foreclosures in the wake of the 2008 housing crisis. During Mnuchin’s tenure at OneWest, the bank was responsible for attempting to move families out of their homes against their will. OneWest’s foreclosures disproportionately affected the elderly, and often involved stories of changed locks and a lack of sufficient notice. Mnuchin also founded RatPac-Dune Entertainment, which bankrolled Avatar, Suicide Squad and several other films.

Trump made much of his opponent’s Wall Street ties during the campaign. In fact, the issue of Clinton’s paid speeches at Goldman-Sachs came up regularly, with Trump promising to take on Wall Street while his opponent coddled them. Now, it appears Trump may be doing the opposite of following through on that promise.

Trump has hired two former employees of Goldman Sachs: Mnuchin and white nationalist Steve Bannon. This news comes as Trump is set to meet with the company’s current president and COO Gary Cohn, in spite of—or perhaps because of—the “hundreds of millions in debt” that The Huffington Post’s Paul Blumenthal claims Trump owes to Goldman Sachs.

The swamp looks remarkably full these days.

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