Trump’s Approval Rating Slips to New Low

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Trump’s Approval Rating Slips to New Low

In a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has sunk to new lows. In the poll, was conducted this past week after Trump’s remarks following the white nationalist/neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Va., just 39 percent of voters said they approve of the Trump’s actions as president.

Trump had previously enjoyed an approval rating of 44 percent, but now not even two-fifths of surveyed voters would go so far as to say they approve of their president.

The drop in approval was perhaps caused by a slide among Republican voters, from 81 to 73 percent. 46 percent of voters said they thought Trump’s remarks about the violence in Charlottesville were inappropriate, compared to the 36 percent who thought they were appropriate. 53 percent of voters thought Trump’s response only divided the country further.

Just over half of the voters surveyed, 51 percent, believed Trump would not win a reelection campaign, but then again, just over half of voters voted against him the first time.

But the best part of the Politico article is here:

Fifty-one percent of voters say Trump is not a strong leader. Fifty-three percent say he is not moral. Fifty-five percent say he isn’t stable. Fifty-eight percent of voters call him reckless. Fifty-two percent say he isn’t honest. Fifty-two percent say Trump doesn’t care about people like them. Fifty-six percent say he can’t unite the country.

The poll was conducted before the president’s address detailing his plan concerning Afghanistan (the plan seemed to be to continue the war forever in hopes that the Taliban would somehow get tired of it), and also before the president’s rally in Phoenix, Ariz. The poll surveyed 1,987 voters.

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