Hillary Clinton’s Propaganda Outlet, Blue Nation Review, is the FOX News of the Left

The hate and vitriol generated by David Brock’s “news” outlet is rivaled only by Fox News

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Hillary Clinton’s Propaganda Outlet, Blue Nation Review, is the FOX News of the Left

The media has an obsession with Bernie Sanders’ “aggressive” supporters. The Associated Press just published an article titled, “Sanders supporters are Lashing Out at Democratic Superdelegates,” about how these poor party leaders—whose ranks include former Vermont Governor Howard Dean who pledged to vote against the popular vote in his state—have been subjected to verbal abuse and outrage from these horrible people. Why are they so angry?—The article seems to ask. Well, it may be due to the fact that before any votes were cast in this primary, Hillary boasted a significant delegate lead that set the tone for media coverage in the months ahead.

I would consider that justifiable anger.

But nobody ever seems to talk about the vitriol and ignorance of Hillary Clinton’s camp. Recently, my colleague Shane Ryan and I wrote an article about screenshots that showed how Hillary trolls orchestrated attacks on Bernie Sanders Facebook groups by posting inappropriate materials, and then reporting it. A number of these groups were briefly taken down by the automated system. We reached out to Facebook to ask whether the two events were connected, and were told that it was possible that the system was responding to increased reporting by users.

In other words: We know from screenshots that this tactic was used, but we do not know one way or another if it worked. However, the fact that anyone would even resort to that kind of action, displays an unbelievable level of disregard and antipathy towards other points of view.

But this was an isolated incident, right? Not so much.

Before the primary, political attack dog and Clinton ally David Brock purchased the relatively newly established Blue Nation Review (BNR). Brock, who runs several pro-Clinton super PACs—some of which openly flout election laws by coordinating with Clinton’s campaign—turned the outlet into the left wing version of FOX News, spewing propaganda piece after propaganda piece. And make no mistake—this is propaganda for Hillary Clinton, by Hillary Clinton’s foot soldiers. Their narrative, geared towards social justice progressives, is that Hillary Clinton is a victim of vicious attacks by a hypocritical Bernie Sanders and his ignorant, sexist supporters.

Here are some representative screenshots:







As per David Brock’s modus operandi, BNR has targeted a woman it does not like. From Anita Hill in the ‘90s to Jane Sanders today, this is Brock’s speciality. And the readership has taken the bait. Like FOX, BNR has generated vitriol and ignorance among its audience, much of it manifesting as the very thing BNR’s readers claim to hate so much: sexism.

Here are some examples from the first article I cited:









Preying on people’s subconscious biases is no way to win an election. It is the job of every thinking American to call out these kinds of political tactics whenever they see them. We expect this from the right, but we’re too often blind when it happens on the left. Hillary Clinton should not be associating with men like Brock. It is high time the media took notice of what is going on.

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