What on Earth is Zina Bash Doing?

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What on Earth is Zina Bash Doing?

Zina Bash, after being accused of making a white power symbol during Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, made the symbol again, this time super blatantly. Oops!

The symbol commonly established as “OK” was appropriated by a group of 4chan posters, according to Newsweek, with intent to trick the left into believing the symbol proclaimed white supremacy. Surprising no one, some members of the right actually began using the gesture as a symbol of white power over time. The prank was also called ‘Operation O-KKK’ by forum subscribers. Could be a clue there. Now, the gesture apparently become a simple way to gaslight opponents.

This is what happened after Bash made the gesture for the first time Tuesday. Sitting behind Kavanaugh, Bash looked at her phone for a few moments, then folds her arms so that the “OK” symbol rested in her lap. She held it for a beat, then it disappeared again. The right and left were divided as to what to make of it, if anything. Some on the left argued that we shouldn’t make assumptions about a woman who is both Jewish and Mexican, agreeing with Bash’s husband, who defended her.

After blatantly making the symbol again on Thursday in direct view of the camera, it’s safe to say she’s at least trolling. But it’s not a joke and it’s not funny. Anyone knowingly participating in that act is complicit, and no one interested in hurting others for kicks deserves a seat anywhere near our government.

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