Reformation’s New San Francisco Location Promises a Futuristic Retail Experience

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Reformation’s New San Francisco Location Promises a Futuristic Retail Experience

Silicon Valley technology meets eco-friendly fashion at Reformation’s newest location in San Francisco.

Reformation founder Yael Aflalo said the Bay Area felt right for the brand’s next location because of its receptiveness to fresh ideas involving technology and sustainability. The fashion brand, known for their environmental consciousness, worked with local builders to design an extremely eco-friendly space. The minimalist space includes walls made from sustainable rammed earth, paints that release relatively low levels of toxins over time and, of course, reusable shopping bags.

As if all that wasn’t cool enough, Reformation decided to kick things up a notch in the technology department by finding innovative ways to address common shopping inconveniences. Aflalo explained (via Fashionista):

Most [stores] are super messy, you can never find your size, you have to wait in line forever, the dressing room lighting is the worst. I felt like a high-volume, high-end retail experience was basically nonexistent. So we wanted to blend internet and IRL to create a store we’d actually want to go to ourselves — that hopefully solves a lot of these problems.

Enter the touchscreen monitors and “magic wardrobes.” If you find yourself in the Reformation dressing room with the wrong size, color or style garment, you can simply request the change on the fitting room’s monitor—or “digital attendant.” Once you’ve made the request and waited a few minutes (or maybe it’s instantaneous? We’re not really sure yet), you simply open the magic wardrobe and you’ll find exactly what you were looking for. Magic!

The fitting rooms will also come equipped with customized lighting (and we think we speak for everyone who’s ever been in a fitting room when we say thank goodness) and the option to play your own music so you can really get in the mood to strut your stuff.

Reformation’s San Francisco store will be open to the public on Tuesday, Feb. 21. If patrons are fans of the new tech add-ons, Aflalo said she hopes to implement the same kind of changes in her Los Angeles and New York locations.

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