How to Install the iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Public Betas

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Apple opened their iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan operating systems to public beta recently for those who want to try out the new software before it launches in the fall. Both updates have a number of features that you might want to try out, so just follow the instructions below to get in on the action.

Note that this is beta software, which means there are bugs that could affect battery life and apps you use daily. It should be installed on a device that is not your daily driver.

iOS 9 Beta

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1. Start by heading over to and sign up for the beta program.

2. Back your device up either via iCloud or iTunes on your computer.

3. Once you accepted into the beta program, go back to the beta website on your iOS device and log in.

4. Tap on “Download Profile” and it will send you to the profile settings page.

5. Tap on “Install” and then your device’s unlock code (if you have one).

6. Accept the Terms and Conditions.

7. Restart your device.

8. After you do that, go to Settings>General>Software Update to make sure the software is downloading.

9. When it finishes downloading, the software will install automatically, and reboot itself.

Once it comes back on, iOS 9 will be installed on your device and you can start checking out the new features you saw at WWDC. There are a few features that may be available on some devices that are not available on others (I.E. Split screen and picture-in-picture are only available on the iPad Air 2).

Software updates are usually released every two weeks or so and you can download them via over the air (go to Settings>General>Software Update).

Since the public release isn’t due until the fall, third party app developers may not release a stable iOS 9 version until then so if may have apps that crash and are unstable.

OS X: El Capitan


1. Head over to and sign up for the program. Some people are saying they are admitted immediately and others are saying it may take a while.

2. Once you are accepted, head back to the beta website and login with your Apple ID.

3. Accept the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement.

4. Click on “Enroll Your Devices” on the top right of the page.

5. On the next page, scroll down and click on “Download OS X El Capitan Beta.” Copy the redemption code below as you may need it later on.

6. The software should immediately via the Mac App Store.

7. If it doesn’t start downloading for some reason, open the Mac App Store, click “Redeem” on the right, and enter your redemption code.

8. After El Capitan finishes downloading, the Installer should open automatically.

9. Click “Continue.”

10. It will then ask you to perform a Time Machine backup, which you should do if you are able to.

11. Click “Continue” after your backup finishes or if you’ve skipped it.

12. Agree to the Licensing Terms.

13. Select on the hard drive you would to install it on and then click “Install.”

14. You will need to do a restart after it installs and once it does, El Capitan will now be running on your Mac.

That’s all it is to it. You can now play around with your new operating system and all the shiny new features you saw at WWDC. Again, Apple usually releases updates every two weeks through the Mac App Store, so you should be install these updates when they are available to fix any bugs and whatnot.

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