Kickstarter Weekly: Turn Your Aquarium Into a Garden, PROOF Your Adventures and More

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Kickstarter Weekly: Turn Your Aquarium Into a Garden, PROOF Your Adventures and More

This week’s Kickstarter Weekly offers a little something for everyone. For the outdoors people, there’s a new type of sleeping bag to enjoy, indoor interests are catered to with some rather special speakers and a cool way of gardening with limited space.

Ravean Heated Sleeping Bag
ravean.jpgCamping is fairly inexpensive and fun. It’s also frequently colder than you ever expect it to be. When the sun sets, the nights get cold, and you need an effective sleeping bag. Ravean’s Heated Sleeping Bag is one new option. It’s a wearable heated sleeping bag liner, that’s battery powered, giving you up to 12 hours of warmth on a single charge. Depending on the conditions, the waterproof liner can have its temperature adjusted by 20 degrees, ensuring it’s good for all weather. You can even charge your mobile devices with it, as well as wear it as a jacket. A pledge of $149 will get you one of these. The campaign ends June 13.

proof.pngWaterproof and speaker are two words that rarely go together. PROOF bucks that trend. The speaker and microphone combo is a waterproof device, bundled with a waterproof phone pouch, ensuring you can enjoy audio wherever you are. Whether you’re in the shower or going for a leisurely swim, you’ll be able to listen to music or speak into your phone. It works through a rechargeable battery, proving extra convenient. A $15 pledge will get you one PROOF, with the campaign ending May 15.

turnUP speaker
turnup.jpgAdding new connected speaker systems to your home often involves more DIY than most of us would like to do. TurnUP aims to change that by making it possible to turn any light switch or wall plug into a bluetooth speaker. Promising an installation time of less than 10 minutes, you can connect up to 8 different speakers, as well as enjoy hands-free interaction. Besides music playing, you can turn your light off and on, just like usual, and it also offers a built-in WiFi repeater. A pledge of $89 gets you one turnUP speaker, with the campaign running until June 10.

InnoGro AquaGarden
aquagarden.jpgNot everyone has a garden, but InnoGro’s AquaGarden makes it possible to have one indoors. The device turns your aquarium into a small piece of garden, allowing you to grow fresh food all year round. The ecosystem is easily managed via the InnoGro app, ensuring its many sensors and actuators create a perfect environment for your plants. You can check in on its progress, no matter where you are in the world, as well as arrange some presets Such aquaponic gardening uses 90% less water, proving less messy, and better for the environment than other forms of growing. A pledge of $379 gets you one AquaGarden kit, with the campaign ending May 24.

pictar.jpgHolding an iPhone to take a photo is fine, but it’s not the same as holding a regular camera. PICTAR is a camera grip for your iPhone that ensures it feels just as effective as a conventional camera. It offers a shutter release button, zoom ring, selfie button, smart wheel, and even an exposure compensation wheel. No longer do you have to struggle with touch screen controls to get things just right. It’s more comfortable to hold than your sleek smartphone, too. A pledge of $90 gives you one unit, along with a wrist strap, and padded pouch. The campaign runs until May 27.

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