Black Mirror‘s Idyllic “San Junipero” Might Get a Sequel

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Black Mirror‘s Idyllic “San Junipero” Might Get a Sequel

With the anticipation of Black Mirror’s forthcoming new season, surely many fans are rewatching episodes to refresh their minds of the stories told in Netflix’s dystopian anthology. One that stands out is “San Junipero,” because it was notably the only episode that seemed to have a happy ending. Naturally, fans want to revisit Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) in the digital afterlife, and they may get some semblance of what they’re asking for.

In an interview with THR, creator Charlie Brooker teased a potential revival, but in a completely different form. “Maybe not even as a normal episode,” he said. Instead, he and executive producer Annabel Jones want to make it into an “experience,” whatever that means.

They also hinted that “San Junipero” references may come about throughout episodes in the future, rather than doing a straight sequel: “We do like to drop Easter eggs every so often in other episodes, so we may be referring to ‘San Junipero’ again. It’s difficult because I don’t think we’d revisit those characters. That felt like such a story, and we wouldn’t want to open it up again.”

The show’s most optimistic installment, which earned Brooker two Emmy nominations, centers around a couple of women who enter into a virtual reality that takes place in the California town of San Junipero during the 1980s. In real life, however, the women are elderly, and although one of them is on the cusp of death, they are able to upload their consciousnesses into a cloud to live out their idyllic personal heaven forever.

Fans can expect season four of Black Mirror later this year, and hopefully, at least one story will end on the same kind of optimistic note as “San Junipero.” Read our original review of the episode here, and see where it landed on our list of 2016’s best TV episodes here.

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