First Teaser for A&E’s Omen Spinoff Damien Shows the Antichrist All Grown Up

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First Teaser for A&E’s Omen Spinoff Damien Shows the Antichrist All Grown Up

Wouldn’t mama be proud? Not since Norman Bates cross-dressed for his dead mother eroding in the basement have we seen a young boy live up to his mother’s love. But for that little hell spawn from The Omen, it’s an entirely different story. Sure, he wants to make his birth mother proud. But his father? Well, we’ll just say it’s hard to impress the king of hell.

A&E has unveiled a first look into the complicated life of Damien, the subject of their new original series based on the adult version of the character from the 1976 film. The series, which was originally developed by Lifetime, switched over to its new home to fit with the network’s darker shows Bates Motel and The Returned. And although the 20-second snippet isn’t showing us too many details, we are treated to the grimacing look of Bradley James in the leading role of Satan’s favorite child.

The series will pick up years after the events of the first film, with Damien coming to terms with the fact that his father may have a different code of ethics. With the realization that he is the antichrist, he must deal with his inherent nature and the chaos that ensues. We also get a preview of the hellhounds, which are sure to have an important role in the show as well as a little religious insignia and a hint at just how much Damien remembers about his past. As the voiceover heard in the trailer suggests, ““I bet you don’t remember much. That will change.”

Damien is written and produced by former The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara. The 10-episode series is set to premiere on A&E in 2016. You can watch the first teaser in the video above.

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