2015 TV Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for The TV Lover in Your Life

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The Holidays season is a time for giving, and there’s nothing more devastating than friends and loved ones who don’t give you exactly what you want. They know you love TV, they’ve heard you reference this “Golden Age,” and they’ve gotten plenty of “Netflix and Chill” texts. And still they insist on buying you books or comics, or actual clothing that you need. Save them the time and money, and link to your old friends at Paste TV. We’ve got the top 10 Gifts for you—the TV lover/binger in everyone’s life.

1. Mad Men: The Complete Collection ($209.97, Lionsgate)


Arguably one of the top 10 series in TV history (seriously, who’s going to disagree?), Mad Men entered the zeitgeist like a bullet, and became one of the most important basic cable series in that then-developing arena of TV, and the first to receive Emmys for Outstanding Drama Series. If you’re like me, you’re almost ready to start over from episode one. This set is loaded with extras and comes with almost everything you need for an afternoon at Sterling-Cooper. Well, everything except the hooch and Don Draper’s endless existential ennui.—Mark Rabinowitz

2. Longclaw: The Sword of Jon Snow ($250, HBO Shop😉


If I have to explain how cool this is to you, well then, you really do know nothing. Jon Snow has emerged as a fan favorite of the show (all dark, and broody, and sad… and that hair…) and while he’s not my personal touchstone (that would be the team of Bronn and Tyrion, duh), I’ll admit he’s pretty bad assed. True, Westerosi swords have yet to reach the dizzying fandom heights of Orcrist and Glamdring (Google them), but until HBO markets a life-sized, animatronic Dire Wolf, this will have to do!—Mark Rabinowitz

3. Funko POP! Classic Animation Selection (prices vary, Funko)


Sure, we all know how cute these guys are. And yes, they have the requisite “mainstream” figures of Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon and The Minions, among many many others, but how many companies are going to go to the trouble of making Ricochet Rabbit, Secret Squirrel, Morocco Mole, Dick Dastardly, Penelope Pitstop, Squiddly Diddly and Muttley figures? It’s that going the extra mile to appeal to Generation X’ers that I appreciate. I mean, does anyone under 40 even know who Hong Kong Phooey is? I gotta ask, though… Where are Magilla Gorilla and Droop-a-Long?—Mark Rabinowitz

4. The X-Files The Collector’s Set ($150, 20th Century Fox)


Flat out, nothing on any of this year’s holiday gift guides has me as excited. Well, there’s one item on the Film list that comes close, but for me, this is the ne plus ultra of TV sets. (Well, at least until Babylon 5 and The West Wing come out on blu-ray.) 55 discs, 151+ hours of Mulder and Scully goodness (Ok, ok… a few hours are Doggett and Reyes) and over 23 hours of bonus content. The more than 60 episodes, feature film, books and DVD extras that comprise the series’ alien mythology arc may well be the longest such storyline in TV history, and the series’ mini-series return in 2016 makes this the perfect time to binge. I wonder if I can get 6 weeks off work…—Mark Rabinowitz

5. The Wire—Themed Onesie ($14.66, Red Bubble)


As a parent, one of your biggest concerns is that your children will grow up and watch all of the wrong, sub-par TV shows. It’s important to introduce them to this Golden Age as soon as possible, which is why this Wire onesie is one of the best gifts for a new parent. They can snuggle up with their budding binge-watcher, knowing that, in just a few years, it won’t be appropriate to re-watch The Wire episodes in front of them. This onesie is especially useful for those new parents who might be trying desperately to hold onto their cool. Nothing will help them say, “Trust me, I’m still cool even though I never leave home or watch any new TV shows” better than a baby shouting out the greatest cop show of all time.—Shannon M. Houston

6. Game of Thrones: A Pop Up Guide to Westeros ($65.00, HBO Store)


Sure, we’ve all read loads and loads about Westeros. Even if you haven’t read the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, you’ve probably seen the show. It seems like everyone on planet Earth (and maybe even some on Magrathea) knows Game of Thrones. But I guarantee that you haven’t seen anything like this. This is more than those pop-up books from when you were a kid. This is a work of art that actually folds out to create a 3-D pop up map of Westeros. Don’t believe me? Check out the “unboxing” video at the link above. You’re welcome.—Mark Rabinowitz

7. Empire Season One Collectible Gold Record Edition ($59.99, Fox)


Decades from now, Vh1 will air their special on the year of our Lord, 2015, and we’ll be able to boast about how we were there for the Empire season premiere. More importantly, this collectible gift set will allow the TV lover in your life to relive the magic of the entire, record-breaking and historical season (which garnered Taraji P. Henson her first Emmy nomination), along with the music that made the show such a big hit. No one should have to spend the holidays without immediate access to “Drip Drop,” and Jussie Smollett’s incredible “You’re So Beautiful,” and they’ll have all that and more, with the entire Timbaland-produced soundtrack on disc 5. Of course the real reason your special someone needs this set is so that they can memorize every line spoken by Cookie ever, to be used as the motivating force with which they’ll head into the year 2016. Who needs a self-help book, or another link to a think-piece about being your best you, when there’s Cookie Lyon in a box?—Shannon M. Houston

8. Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs… With Sound! ($29.99, ThinkGeek😉


Seriously, do you need anything beyond the headline for this one? One of the great quotes in recent geek history, this scene captures the great Hoban “Wash” Washburne in all his playful and self-amusing glory. Sure, he can soar like a leaf on the wind, but as with fellow Whedon creation (with an eerily similar naming convention) Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, Wash is also a master of the laconic scene steal. See how they work here and watch the original scene here.

9. Doctor Who TARDIS Stocking With Sound ($24.99, Think Geek)


Much like Game of Thrones, there seems to be an endless supply of Doctor Who goodies out there. However, not all of them come with the particular mix of whimsy and cruelty as this little gem. Now, you may say “Whimsy, sure. But cruelty?” Why, yes. Imagine you’re an 8 year-old Whovian, and you come downstairs Christmas morning and see a TARDIS hanging on the mantle. You rush over and grab it, triggering the telltale “Vworp Vworp.” Bigger on the inside! you think, imagining the massive amount of Time Lord loot that this extra-dimensional hosiery must surely contain, only to realize… it’s just a sock. See? Cruelty. But at least it’s wibbily wobbly timey wimey cruelty!—Mark Rabinowitz

10. Outlander: Season One – The Ultimate Collection ($164.99, Outlander Store)


You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Sony Pictures—most season one boxed sets are rather paltry affairs. Some deleted scenes, a gag reel and some commentary from creators and actors. The makers of Outlander, the popular series derived from Diana Gabaldon’s time-spanning, kilt-heavy series of historical romance novels, took this particular boxed set to another level. In addition to the expected, it contains a Keepsake Box, an engraved flask, photos curated by cast and creator (with a frame!), the Season One soundtrack, and even a bonus disc with an Outlander Yule Log, because, why not?! If you happen to know a fan of Gabaldon’s series—or even someone who just loves the TV series—this boxed set will say, “I care. I know you might feel guilty, buying this, but you want it. You want it so badly. So here. Enjoy.” —Michael Burgin

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