Grimm: “The Hour of Death” (Episode 2.10)

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Grimm: “The Hour of Death” (Episode 2.10)

Two Grimms aren’t better than one, especially if one of them is a genocidal psychopath out to destroy the Wesen population. Nick meets his match this episode in the form of a mysterious Grimm, whose mantra “all Wesen have to be killed” motivates the vigilante to terrorize Portland.

A girl is missing, and Nick believes he’s found the kidnapper, only to lose his suspect when there isn’t enough evidence for an arrest. So Nick plans to inject the suspect with truth serum to get a confession, but the psycho Grimm beats him to it. The result? The suspect is tortured into confessing on video and the girl is saved. But Nick and his cop buddies are left with the suspect’s mangled corpse and questions as to whether the end justified the means.

A twisted game of cat and mouse between Psycho Grimm and Nick ensues, with Psycho Grimm insisting that Nick is “a traitor to his kind.” Nick’s compassion toward friendly Wesen has become commonplace, and we’ve been lulled into believing Nick’s actions are the norm. But Psycho Grimm’s adherence to tradition (that is, kill anything inhuman) has jolted us out of our reverie. Nick is an anomaly, and he’ll always be at odds with “his kind.”

The final showdown between Nick and Psycho Grimm is so incredibly surprising that you’ll have to watch it for yourself. Let’s just say that Psycho Grimm is not at all the typical madman you’d expect.

As if a serial killer on the rampage wasn’t enough to keep us squirming in our seats, the Juliette and Renard plot was a rollercoaster ride. The ever-suave Renard transformed into a giddy schoolboy while in the presence of Juliette, using awkward conversations and sneaky hand-holding tactics to get closer to her. It was like watching an adorably horrendous trainwreck unfold. The cherry on top? They kissed, and now Juliette remembers Renard’s original “kiss-of-life” that woke her from her coma. It’s only a matter of time before Nick finds out and gets his heart smashed into a million pieces.

Highlights of the episode include Monroe’s “G is for Grimm” fairytale lesson and Bud the Repairman’s loyalty to Nick. Here’s to hoping Bud (Danny Bruno) will become a series regular, because, with his bumbling charm and anxiety-ridden speeches, he’s a joy to watch.

Best (Musical) Monroe Quote of the Night: “Oh boy, do we have trouble in River City.”

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