Uncover Some First-Look Images from Season Two of Netflix’s Mindhunter

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Uncover Some First-Look Images from Season Two of Netflix’s Mindhunter

Season two of Netflix’s Mindhunter is set for release in mid-August, and to prepare for the show’s return, Netflix has released a press-exclusive investigation game through which your intrepid friends at Paste were able to uncover a handful of first-look images from the new season.

Introducing the game, Netflix explained in an email that there are 7.7 billion minds in the world, but “only some are labeled deviant.” Following that somewhat ominous note, Netflix gave cryptic instructions on how to download images from the forthcoming season. By following our instincts and taking our time to inspect lots of polaroids splayed out on a digital lightbox, we were able to pull a bunch of images from season two.

Other than the images, the cryptic game of sorts allowed players to view a teaser for the forthcoming season. A mix of bits from the season and narration by none other than the first season’s central serial killer, Ed Kemper (portrayed by Cameron Britton), the minute-long clip shows there’s a lot in store for Jonathan Groff’s Agent Ford and Holt McCallany’s Agent Tench.

Stuffing as much as they could into it, the clip shows interviews with Charles Manson (Damon Herriman), protest marches, grisly crime photos and an eerie bit with a woman finding heaven knows what in a bathroom, which rounds out the teaser.

The entirety of the clip is narrated by Ford and Tench interviewing Kemper to enlist his help on a new case they’re investigating: the infamous Atlanta child murders. “This person you’re after, he has an overwhelming fantasy life. Fantasies of what he’s done, what he wants to do. His dreams will consume him until the real world won’t even compare,” Kemper says.

When asked how to catch this aforementioned “fantasy,” all Kemper replies with is, “If he’s any good, you can’t.”

Creepy to say the least, the new season hits Netflix on Aug. 16 for what’s sure to be another deep dive into the world of serial killers and their twisted psyches.

Check out the first-look images we were able to track down below.

















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