Outlander Gives Us the Episode Ending We’ve Been Waiting for with “Freedom & Whisky”

(Episode 3.05)

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Five episodes into Season Three of Outlander, we get the ending we were hoping for! However, this episode made it feel like we were waiting the full 20 years.

Claire and Bree are coping with the death of Frank, and for Brianna this is especially hard. Losing a father and going through your first Christmas without him is incredibly difficult.

Brianna’s grief is spilling over into her life at school, where she’s failing. Obviously, since Frank worked there for years, no one wants to see her fail, including her mother, but that doesn’t stop her.

The mother and daughter have a major blow-up about Bree quitting school, when we see the ever-sexy Roger pull up in a cab outside their Boston home. Bree is momentarily appeased before telling her mom she isn’t going to stay in school.

She still has to attend one more event celebrating a fellowship in the name of Frank Randall. While there, Claire runs into Frank’s sidepiece. Claire is upset with her, but the mistress is pissed. She loved Frank with all of her heart and Frank still loved Claire.

Can anyone really be with their true love?

At first, it feels like Roger has returned just for the sake of Bree, but it becomes clear that he is there just as much for Claire. He kept searching and found irrefutable evidence that Jamie is alive in Scotland, 200 years away.

Ultimately, It’s Bree that makes her go. She tells her that she owes it to Jamie, so Claire makes a dress.

Claire also decides to dye her hair, with the help of Clairol.

Claire doesn’t just talk to Bree about her decision to travel back to Scotland. She also discusses the decision with her friend, Joe, who tells her she’s beautiful and that she should definitely make the trip back for love because it’s fate.

A few things with this episode: One, they add in a detail that hasn’t been talked about—in one sentence, Claire tells us that she loses a gemstone everytime she goes through the stones.

She also won’t let Bree to go to Scotland with her because she wants to go in peace, though she’s upset about leaving her.

I don’t know what it was. Did I just miss seeing the parallel lives? I don’t know, but I did feel like we all deserved that clutch ending with Claire and Jamie seeing each other for the first time.

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