Watch: Outlander Focuses on the Ties that Bind in “Journeycake”

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Watch: Outlander Focuses on the Ties that Bind in “Journeycake”

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Keri Lumm reviews “Journeycake” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

Outlander Season 5 is almost over and while we are so sad that this season is almost at an end, they gave us plenty of new things to talk about this week!

Our fab four—Jamie, Claire, Bree and Roger—are riding through the woods when they come upon a burned up cabin. They are not sure what happened, but find a woman burned almost alive.

They put her out of her misery.

That’s more than one euthanasia this season. 

And the bad man, who broke Claire’s syringe, has brought his group to Frasier’s Ridge to ask him to bring men to help him. Jamie puts them off, and they are not too happy.

One of the first things that happens though, is that Jemmy picks up the stone that Claire found in Season 4 by someone she suspected of time travel, and it clearly affects him. It feels hot and he hears the noise. Ian and Jamie think it feels cold and hear nothing, but Roger, Bree, Claire and Jemmy all feel the stone come alive.

It’s a sign. Jemmy can travel! So Roger and Bree begin to make their plans, but they also get questions from Ian, and end up telling him the truth. Not only because it would  be hard to hide now, but because he has proof to ask of his Aunt: a journal he found that had been written with a ball point pen.

So now, Ian is in the know.

Meanwhile, Ulysess has fled to Frasier’s Ridge because now he is wanted for murder. Jamie wants to help him of course, especially since he saved his Aunt Jocasta from certain death.

It is no surprise that he is in trouble—what is a surprise is that he is already a free man. He just chose to stay with Jocasta. Is he in love with her? Romantically? She loved Murtaugh, how sad.

Roger and Bree settle on a story to make their goodbye plausible. They tell everyone they are leaving Frasier’s Ridge for Boston, where Roger will be a professor. But they are worried about saying goodbye to Claire and Jamie. The couple also asks Ian to take them to the stones, and Roger gives Ian the land. Ian doesn’t want to take it, but says he will take care of it for them.

Which, is quite an ask. I mean, they are going 200 years away, not actually to Boston.

Lord John Grey is also there for a visit before heading back to England. You can see in his eyes that he loves Jamie, but he also truly loves Jamie’s son Willie, who he raises as his own. He brings Jamie a new picture of him. Jamie shares it with Claire, and for the first time tells Bree about her brother before she leaves to start her new life years away.

Lord John Grey also gives Claire a new lens for her microscope, and is going to take Ulysess with him to London. He will play chess with him on the boat, and his life will be brighter an ocean away.

Jamie is once again asked to help with the new militia men by his neighbors, and refuses.

Ian follows through on his promise to Roger and Bree and takes them to the stones, where they each have a stone and Roger ties a rope around them. Great use of music here when they pass through; they are unharmed on the otherside, but it is clear that they are surprised by what they see.

Cliffhanger before the finale of course!

But back at home, trouble is brewing.

Claire has made an enemy, and while she is at the house with Marsali helping put a dislocated shoulder back in place, Jamie, Ian and Fergus see an explosion: It’s the still.

While they are gone, Claire and Marsali are attacked. Marsali is knocked out and Claire is abducted.

Jamie runs up the hill to light what else, The Fiery Cross!

Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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