Poldark Can’t Be Everyone’s Hero

(Episode 2.05)

TV Video Poldark

He may be Poldark and handsome, but he is rarely the knight in shining armor. Still, he’s pretty, so we like him.

This week begins with tears, but honestly, it feels like everyone moves on from Francis’ death fairly quickly.

I mean, he did feel like no one really cared about him enough that he wanted to commit suicide. Yet his family’s quick recovery from his death seems to tell a different story. Oh, and the copper he found was “fools copper.”

Francis. Not even vindicated in death.

Elizabeth has Ross to keep her company and he goes out riding with her and her son. She wants to help Ross; Ross wants to help her.

What about Demelza?

Also, what about Ross and Demelza’s baby? Are magic fairies taking care of this child?

Ross is desperately trying to avoid debtors prison, but it seems a forgone conclusion. In the midst of wanting to save his skin, he goes to his man of business and has him sell his remaining shares in Warleggen mine and give the money secretly to Elizabeth.

The man asks him about Demelza and he says (I’m paraphrasing here), “Meh, she’ll be okay. she’s a miner’s daughter.”

George keeps delaying his attack on Ross. Wanting to show some grace by letting him wait until after Christmas.

In good news, Caroline and the doctor are on the road to their happily ever after now that she is legal.

Every man’s favorite age of lady: “barely legal.”

Her uncle is not excited at the prospect of her marrying a doctor, which seems counterintuitive. Too bad they can’t time travel to modern times. Her uncle would be super excited about her marrying a doctor.

Meanwhile, Ross is going to do more business with the smugglers on his property because he needs the money. Of course, Demelza is not excited about this nonsense, but Ross is desperate.

Still. Where is the baby?

It’s obvious that Ross is conflicted because Elizabeth is now free but he still has Demelza. Verity steps in and tells Elizabeth to stay away from him on Christmas, which is wise.

Ross is able to avoid debtors prison by a mysterious benefactor—who, we find out, is actually Caroline.

I’m starting to really like her.

Oh hey, Demelza is now singing to a baby. Hooray for continuity!

And while Demelza feels very unstable in Ross’s love, he gives her a sexy Christmas gift of stockings.

And we are once again reminded that we are glad TV and film do not remain historically accurate when it comes to shaving legs.

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