Samantha Who?: “The Ex” (Episode 206)

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There he is! After last week’s random omission of Samantha’s new boyfriend Owen (he was hot stuff one week, completely missing the next), episode six starts off with Sam trying to decide how she’ll tell her new beau that she still lives with Todd, her ex. Considering it’s Sam, we can’t expect it to go over smoothly. But while Owen takes the news well, his reasons for being so understanding shake Sam: He gets it because he is himself best friends with his ex, Willow. In his mind, their two circumstances are similar but to Sam, the news is horrifying.

Meanwhile, Andrea is dealing with a nagging Seth, the NBA towel boy who made a graceful exit in episode four but apparently just that shamelessly crushing on the pin-thin meanie. Dena would usually swoop in right about now for her role as advice giver at that point, except that she’s currently busy making a dog calendar for charity. Oh, Dena. Luckily, she finishes up in time to later chat with a freaked Sam over baked cookies. The two (with some tough advice from mom) decide that Sam should try and befriend Willow.

Sam puts a brave face on and begs Todd to stay home and host dinner with her boyfriend and his ex and, while he is hurt that this is the first he’s hearing of the new guy in her life, he obliges. Once Owen and the ex arrive (and Sam starts beating herself up about how wonderful Willow is) Todd and Willow realize that they knew each other from art school. Todd being the art student and Willow being the nude class model that he constantly hit on, that is. Awkward, but only for Sam.

Back at Andrea’s flat, Dena tries to help her beautiful but unphotogenic friend land some decent shots to impress a basketball pro. Unfortunately, not even Photoshop can save her tragic pics.

Todd and Willow hit it off over dinner and decide to head out to give Owen and Sam some space. But while its clear that Owen is over his ex, Sam’s visible anxiety over Todd’s attraction to Willow is not lost on her date and he eventually walks out on our confused girl. So what now? Over to the parents for some wacky advice (“Flip a coin!” says dear ol’ dad.) followed by mild pleading in order to get Owen back. Lucky for her, the poor schmuck believes that she’s over Todd and swiftly takes her back. But as for the rest of us, we know better, now don’t we?

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