Disney Releases 11 Lion King Character Posters

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Disney Releases 11 Lion King Character Posters

Disney’s official Twitter account shared 11 new character posters on Thursday afternoon, revealing the “live-action” designs of some of the most beloved animated characters in history.

Simba, Nala, Pumbaa, Timon, Mufasa, Scar, Sarabi, Zazu, Rafiki, young Simba and young Nala were all represented, with each poster including a nod to the voice actor playing the role. Disney’s tweet included all 11 posters, along with two simple words: “50 days.”

That’s right: just 50 more days before The Lion King hits the big screen on July 19. And these posters are sure to get the pot stirred up again as fans get pumped for the final reveal of one of the most highly anticipated blockbusters of the summer.

And you better believe Twitter is excited.

Similar to the 2016 live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, the character designs are all photo-realistic, almost as if they’re photos of real animals rather than computer-generated characters.

The film is led by an all-star voice cast led by Donald Glover and Beyonce, the headliners of a timeless story chock-full of classic Disney characters from the iconic 1994 film.

The actors for each of the 11 characters whose posters were released today are listed below:

– Mufasa is voiced by James Earl Jones
– Adult Simba is voice by Donald Glover
– Young Simba is voiced by JD McCrary
– Adult Nala is voiced by Beyonce
– Young Nala is voiced by Shahadi Wright Joseph
– Scar is voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor
– Rafiki is voiced by John Kani
– Pumbaa is voiced by Seth Rogan
– Timon is voiced by Billy Eichner

Disney has been prepping a slew of live-action remakes of their animated classics with Mulan, The Little Mermaid and Lady and the Tramp in the works, while Dumbo and Aladdin have been recently released.

Check out all the posters below and Paste’s recap of everything we know about the live-action version of The Lion King here. You can revisit the film’s first trailer here.

Mufasa Poster.jpeg

Nala Poster.jpeg

Pumbaa Poster.jpeg

Rafiki Poster.jpeg

Sarabi Poster.jpeg

Scar Poster.jpeg

Timon Poster.jpeg

Young Nala Poster.jpeg

Young Simba Poster.jpeg

Zazu Poster.jpeg

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