What We Do in the Shadows Remains Undead with FX Pilot Order

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What We Do in the Shadows Remains Undead with FX Pilot Order

After delivering one of the most fun installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is returning to his undead roots. Alongside frequent collaborator Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords fame, Waititi is making good on the years-long rumor of a TV adaptation of the cult-comedy hit What We Do in the Shadows.

According to Variety, FX has pledged to produce a pilot based on the 2014 vampire mockumentary. Waititi and Clement, the writers, directors and stars of the original film, will serve as executive producers. Both have promised to be very hands-on with the pilot. Additionally, Waititi will direct the pilot and Clement will write it.

No concrete details are known about the show at this time, but Waititi confirmed to Fandango that the pilot will be set in America as opposed to the original film’s New Zealand setting. There are also no details on whether Waititi or Clement will reprise the roles of Viago and Vladislav the Poker.

In addition to the FX pilot, the duo is still planning other projects within the Shadows universe. A spinoff New Zealand TV series, Wellington Paranormal, featuring the cops Karen and Mike is in the works, and a sequel focusing on the pack of werewolves in the original film titled We’re Wolves has been announced but has no set timetable for production.

Here’s hoping the heads at FX won’t have to be subjected to the procession of shame.

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