Yahoo Will Now Stream A Live Concert Every Day

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Yahoo Will Now Stream A Live Concert Every Day

Yahoo has announced a partnership with Live Nation that will see it stream one live concert every day for a year as well as storing 1,200 of the best songs from the shows for on-demand streaming.

The new Live Nation channel will be featured on Yahoo Screen, which will start streaming this summer. Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt said the new live music channel is “bringing together the world’s largest digital publisher and the leading live entertainment company to redefine the digital live music experience for users around the world.” The daily concert stream will be complemented by interviews and behind the scenes footage as well.

Live Nation says it plans to sell sponsorship to large brands, with Kellogg’s already on board, promising “exclusive access and content” to users and this is before a single band has even been confirmed. Live Nation is the country’s largest concert promoter though so there will be no shortage of shows for Yahoo to choose from.

“Sixty million people attended our 23,000 Live Nation concerts last year alone,” said Live Nation’s CEO Michael Rapino on Yahoo’s Tumblr. “The Live Nation Channel on Yahoo will build on this scale and become a great, new destination for music fans.”

The move is all part of a big play by Yahoo in the video content game, which will include NFL highlight streams with live stats as well as more original programming.