Steve Almond: Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life

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Steve Almond: Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life

The virtue of fanaticism

In his new memoir, Steve Almond—author of Candyfreak and self-proclaimed “DF” (Drooling Fanatic)—gives a humorous, heartfelt look at what life is like for those of us hopelessly enraptured with rock ‘n’ roll.

Not a new story, but he tells it well. As a young writer plagued by self-doubt, Almond reveled in the emotional escape of music; the joy of his fanaticism is conveyed poignantly—and so completely—that we’re infected with his touted salvation too.

With well-placed “interludes” or “reluctant exegeses,” Almond peppers his pages with biting insights and funny vignettes; dismissing, for instance, Toto’s “Africa” as “…the lovechild of Muzak and Imperialism.”

Though the language feels a bit highbrow, Almond ultimately crafts a playful and intelligent read. There’s a sense of real joy and humanity here that will resonate with other DFs, or anyone who loves one.

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