Dave Chappelle Sorry For Suggesting We “Give Trump A Chance”

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Dave Chappelle Sorry For Suggesting We “Give Trump A Chance”

Back in November, Dave Chappelle hosted the first post-election Saturday Night Live. While many were still upset and reeling from Donald Trump’s surprise victory, Chappelle advised we wait a bit before condemning our next President. During the typical pre-show monologue, Chappelle told us that he would be giving Trump “a chance.” Now—six months and several scandals later—Chappelle says he regrets that suggestion.

Many expected the often-controversial comedian to give a scathing condemnation of Trump in his monologue. To the contrary, Chappelle instead wished Donald Trump luck in his new role, while asking the favor be returned. “I’m wishing Donald Trump luck,” he said. “And I’m going to give him a chance, and we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.” It was a surprisingly level-headed and collected response to the election results not found on most other outlets.

But, of course, Chappelle’s positivity couldn’t last forever. During the Robin Hood Foundation benefit yesterday, Chappelle actually apologized for his earlier statements. NBC’s Willie Geist tweeted:

We forgive you, Dave.

Check out the monologue in question below.

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