The Funniest Responses to Trump’s Time Man of the Year Tweet

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The Funniest Responses to Trump’s Time Man of the Year Tweet

Nothing Donald Trump does is shocking. He’s been a grotesque cartoon distortion of a rich man his entire public life, and he hasn’t changed one bit since winning the election. If anything, he’s gotten even worse.

And yet somehow he still regularly catches so many Americans off guard with his petty, moronic behavior simply because of that title he holds now. Donald Trump, to be blunt, is an idiot, and America has always known that; we’re not used to the president being so clearly, unequivocally stupid, though, and so that’s somehow made Trump capable of surprising us with his arrogance and idiocy.

Case in point: that Time Magazine Person of the Year tweet that oozed out of Trump’s fetid brain yesterday. Yes, this stooge is still president:

It really does hit the trifecta of Trump bullshit: his endless self-obsession, his love-hate relationship with the press, and his refusal to understand how anything he’s talking about actually works. Oh, and he’s also probably lying, too. So, like, a superfecta, or whatever. Really, just a super fecta—one of the most beautiful fectas you’ve ever seen. People who have been watching fectas forever came to me and said that’s the most beautiful fecta ever.

Time shot down Trump’s story in what has definitely been labelled “fake news” by Trump’s toadies at Fox News and Breitbart by now:

Even before Time‘s reply, though, Twitter was overloaded with great responses to our president’s completely asinine nonsense. Here are the best we could round up.

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