John Oliver Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump’s Lewd Remarks

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John Oliver Has the Perfect Response to Donald Trump’s Lewd Remarks

Donald Trump had a pretty rocky Friday. It was then that tape was released of the presidential candidate making incredibly lewd and vulgar comments about women to Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bus. Because the video was released on Friday, most of our favorite late-night hosts didn’t get a chance to respond. John Oliver was among the first to respond to the tapes on Last Week Tonight, and he pretty much said everything that needs to be said.

“Last Sunday, I told you that if you looked above the clouds, you would see rock bottom,” said Oliver, explaining what he’d said last week about Trump’s discussion of Alicia Machado. “If you look up there now, just way, way up there, all the way up high, you will see right up in the distance where we were this time last week. Since then, we have sunk so low we are breaking through the Earth’s crust, where drowning in boiling magma will come as sweet, sweet relief.”

The new tapes reveal that Trump spoke with Bush about sexually assaulting women, and it’s worth noting that Bush didn’t seem to be bothered by the topic under discussion. “Incidentally, f— Billy Bush. F— that guy. F—- him,” said Oliver.

Oliver also decried Trump’s attempt at an apology for the comments, which was released late on Friday night. “He says he never pretended to be someone he’s not, right before claiming these words don’t reflect who I am,” summarized Oliver. “Which is absolutely absurd, they could not capture his essence more if they were spoken by a spray-tanned Furby eating KFC and screaming at a gold-star family.”

Oliver took some time to slam Trump’s surrogates and his Republican backers, as well. In the wake of the madness that is this election, it’s important to have voices like Oliver’s to point out how absurd everything is. Check out the first part of the clip above, and watch the clip below to see Oliver go after the Republicans who still support Trump.

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