The Funniest Tweets about Quibi Shutting Down

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The Funniest Tweets about Quibi Shutting Down

Quibi died as it lived: as the butt of absolutely everybody’s jokes.

Yes, the streaming service devoted solely to “quick bites” of short-form content, and that launched just six months ago after raising almost $2 billion, is shutting down. On one hand it’s terrible to see what is reported to be a couple hundred people losing their jobs during a pandemic that has hit the entertainment industry hard, not to mention the creators and artists who are now out of paying gigs. On the other hand, though, Quibi was such a transparently awful idea, and launched with such hubris by extremely wealthy business persons Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman, that it’s a little hard to not find some humor in its massive failure. (Not to mention that the whole 11 minute episode cap also helped Quibi get around union regulations.) America loves a colossal business fuck-up, and Quibi’s about as colossal a business fuck-up as we’ve seen in ages.

So yes: Twitter immediately lit up with jokes about the death of the already roundly mocked and dismissed streaming service. Some of them are even kind of funny. Here are the best of the lot—the funniest tweets about Quibi shutting down after only six months.

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