Samantha Bee Endorses Hillary, Reads Emails and Goes to Russia In Last Pre-Election Full Frontal

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Samantha Bee Endorses Hillary, Reads Emails and Goes to Russia In Last Pre-Election Full Frontal

Samantha Bee has been providing a uniquely incisive take on the big news items during this horrendous election season, and she did not waste her time on last night’s Full Frontal, her final outing before Election Day.

In a segment that the show calls their official endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (though no one who’s watched the show before thought that there was any doubt about who they supported), Bee gives a short history on the life of Clinton and how she became the “fake politician robot” that many people claim her to be. Bee says Clinton was “the first woke white girl,” but the unending, sexist scrutiny she faced as First Lady of Arkansas and then the U.S. made her shield herself. “Hermione became a pageant girl just to get us to like her,” she says. “Not that it worked. We still let congress drag Hillary’s uppity ass in to testify whenever they noticed a pile of taxpayer money and decided, ‘Say gents, shall we waste this on a witch hunt?’”

Bee also recruited American Crime Story star Sarah Paulson to read some of Hillary’s leaked emails, which include things like Hillary repeatedly messaging staffer Huma Abedin to see if she’s up, asking various people to print out things for her, trying to figure out when Parks and Recreation and The Good Wife air, and using her platform to provide aid and support to suffering people in other countries.

And finally, Bee traveled to Russia “to see what life would be like in a utopian society where lamestream media bias doesn’t exist.” Bee quickly learns that Russian network executives have regular meetings with government officials about what is okay to broadcast, and that Putin has murdered at least 54 journalists and political opponents since taking power in 2000. When asked about Putin’s habit for killing journalists, Trump said, “At least he’s a great leader,” and later joked about killing some journalists himself. If Trump gets elected, Bee concluded, “I’m screwed.”

You can watch Bee’s endorsement of Hillary above, and see her takes on Hillary’s emails and Russian journalism below.

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