Seth Meyers Slams Trump for Ending DACA

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Seth Meyers Slams Trump for Ending DACA

Seth Meyers took to his signature “A Closer Look” segment yesterday to express his disapproval over President Donald Trump’s most recent activities, specifically his petty, ineffectual speeches following Hurricane Harvey and his decision to end DACA.

“As his summer of near-constant chaos ends, President Trump faces a series of challenges more difficult than any he has dealt with up to this point,” said Meyers. “So how has he responded? By threatening to deport hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans.”

DACA, an Obama-era policy designed to protect the children of illegal immigrants from deportation, is supported by a majority of Americans (including Cher). The policy protects hundreds of thousands of young adults, almost all of whom are employed with spotless records. It should be obvious, therefore, that the decision to end the program is racist and evil.

Or, to put it in Meyers’ words: “You have a president needlessly tormenting hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans with a cruel and capricious policy that is supported neither by a majority of voters nor leaders of his own party.”

Watch Meyers’ segment above and learn more about Trump’s DACA decision here.

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