Stranger Things’ Barb Returns in Tonight Show Sketch

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Stranger Things’ Barb Returns in Tonight Show Sketch

Barb is back, and she’s not happy. After the character was unceremoniously killed off during the first season of Stranger Things, she popped up in a sketch on The Tonight Show featuring the actual kids from the show.

Jimmy Fallon also makes an appearance as Steve, but for the most part the sketch gives Barb—played with true red-headed rage by actor and Tonight Show writer A.D. Miles—the chance to air some of her grievances relating to how she was treated by the rest of the characters. It seems the kids forgot there were two people trapped in the Upside Down, choosing to leave Barb there instead of doing the actual work required to save her.

Barb quickly became a fan favorite and internet sensation as fans finished the first season. Just before the show was renewed for a second season, the Duffer Brothers promised that season two would deliver some justice for the character.

Until then, though, check out the clip of Barb unleashing her rage on the kids of Stranger Things. You can also eagerly anticipate her spin-off series, Orange is the New Bitch.

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