Drink 99 Beers Using This Cute Scratch-Off Infographic as a Guide

Design News Infographic

So, that super annoying song we all used to sing as kids has finally come in handy. It was used as the inspiration for the name of this super cute 99 Bottles of Craft Beer Chart, which is essentially a scratch-off card for beer lovers.

The task is simple—find the wide variety of ales and lagers on the chart, and scratch them off using a coin as you work your way around the little bottles. Fun fact: The labels don’t get scratched off, just the beer. It’s pretty much the paper craft equivalent of saving a bottle of a beer you really enjoyed.

This would make a great gift for an aspiring beer geek, don’t you think? You could buy it here, then start them off with your personal favorite beers on the list in a build-your-own six pack. Thank us later; we promise they’ll love it. I mean, how could they not? It’s adorable. And, it’s beer. So it’s got that going for it as well.

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