Find Out How Republicans Feel About Trump with This Infographic That Depicts Him as the Sun

Design News Infographic

Maybe Trump already saw himself as the center of the galaxy, but this interactive infographic from The Guardian helps us understand exactly what that looks like.

Titled “The New Republican Center of Gravity,” the graphic categorizes how each leader within the Republican party has responded to Trump being their nominee, with people being placed closer to the orange-faced “sun” the more strongly they support him. The closest ring around the Trump-sun endorses him, the next “supports the nominee,” the next has decided to “wait and see” and the furthest ring out have announced that they will not vote for Trump. Sadly, the most populated ring is “support the nominee,” which holds 61 of the 99 leaders. It’s also a pretty reluctant sentiment, but that part’s harder to quantify.

You can scroll over each person as they spin around Trump on their path of orbit to see their name and stance while the Trump-sun’s facial expression changes accordingly. He sports an angry snarl for those, like former president George W. Bush, who have said “Never Trump,” and a content smile for his endorsers, like Mike Huckabee.

Below the animated graphic, you can filter the results by senators, governors and party elites, as well as by state, to see quotes from the leaders if they have publicly voiced a stance on the Donald. Click here to experience the Trump solar system for yourself.

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