5 Thanksgiving Cocktails to Be Thankful For

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5 Thanksgiving Cocktails to Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is officially upon us, which means it’s time to come up with some Thanksgiving cocktails. If you’re the one hosting this year’s festivities, a cocktail can be a nice way to greet your guests when they arrive, as well as a nice thing to have on hand once the meal is done and you’re just enjoying each other’s company.

If you’re not quite sure what to make, we’ve rounded up a handful of great cocktails that are worth a sip, including the recipe for a Friendsgiving rum punch that you can make in a huge batch and enjoy all day long.

Bacardi Friendsgiving Rum Punch

image001 (3).jpg

1 part BACARDÍ Gold rum
1 part BACARDÍ Superior rum
3 parts Apple Cider
2 parts lemonade (sweetened)
1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice
4 sticks of cinnamon (garnish)
1 apple cut into slices (garnish)

Directions: In a large punch bowl, combine all ingredients with an ice block. Garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices. Serve on the rocks.

Gingerbread Lemonade
Courtesy of Hudson’s at Pier 81

pasted image 0.png

2 oz. Citron Vodka
1 oz. Ginger Bread Liquere
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1 oz. Simple Syrup
2 oz. Sprite
Lemon Wheel

Directions: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice. Pour over fresh ice and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Casa Vega’s Mexican Coffee

image002 (6).jpg

6 oz. coffee
1.5 oz. tequila
1.5 oz. Kahlua

Directions: Stir all ingredients together, top with fresh whipped cream, and sprinkle with cinnamon.


image002 (5).jpg

1.5 parts Absolut
.5 parts Crème de Cacao
1.5 parts espresso or strong coffee
1.5 parts coconut milk
.25 parts condensed milk

Directions: In a small saucepan (or in a milk frother), heat all ingredients except vodka. Add Absolut when piping hot and stir. Garnish with cacao nibs, toasted coconut, and fresh grated coconut.

Are We There Yet?
Courtesy of Hudson’s at Pier 81

pasted image 0 (1).png

House Champagne
1 oz. St. Germain
1 oz. Bombay Sapphire
Frozen Grapes

Directions: Add frozen grapes to a Champagne flute and layer St. Germain and gin over the fruit. Top with Champagne.

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