Check Off Bucket List Brew At National Beer Pub Chain

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Check Off Bucket List Brew At National Beer Pub Chain

One of craft beer’s most interesting and most rare brews is Sam Adams Utopias. The unique brew is a high alcohol concoction blended from an array of wood aged components that have spent years, sometimes decades, in everything from bourbon barrels to cognac casks. Tipping the scales at well over 20% alcohol (this year’s release hits 28% ABV), the beer is uncarbonated and dense with flavors more typically seen in sherry or port. Bottles of Utopias are usually released every two years, and the $200 price tag makes the rare brew even more exclusive.

We recently featured Utopias in our 10 More Bucket List Beers (You Can Actually Buy In A Store) list, and plenty of readers complained that they’d never seen a bottle for sale. We’ve found that the high price means that bottles do stick around in inventory if you know where to look or who to ask, but beer-centric restaurant chain Yard House is making the hunt for this singular brew even easier. Starting on March 28th select Yard House locations will offer bottle pours of Utopias.

A taste of this boozy treat still won’t come cheap, but the $22 glass is at least a little easier to swallow than a full-priced bottle. The serving size sounds diminutive at just two ounces, but take it from us, you really don’t need much more of the potent tipple. Each Yard House location will only have a bottle or two to pour, and the brew isn’t expected to last long.

Visit the Yard House website to find the nearest location.

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