What’s Inside The $200,000 Oscar Goodie Basket?

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Although only a few Oscar nominees win the award, most nominees will leave the award ceremony with a gift basket. This year’s gift basket is $200,000 per basket and surpasses the median cost of a house in the United States. Frugal!

In a press release Distinctive Assets, the company responsible for creating the unofficial and Academy-unapproved gift baskets, described the basket as “once again a blend of fabulous, fun and functional items meant to thrill and pamper those who may have everything money can buy but still savor the simple joy of a gift.”

The most expensive gifts included in the basket are a 10-day first-class trip to Israel (valued at $55,000), One year of unlimited Audi car rentals from Silverware (valued at $45,000), a 15-day walking tour of Japan (valued at $45,000) and a lifetime supply of skin creams from Lizora (valued at $31,200).

The more “modest” gifts in included are 3 private training sessions with “health strategist” Jay Cardiello (valued at $1,400), Ultherapy courtesy of 740 Park MD (valued at $5,530), A Fit Club TV “Ultimate Fitness Package” in a private villa (valued at $6,250), and a “Vampire Breast Lift” (valued at $1,900). The gift basket is also includes a $275 roll of toilet paper, because hey, why not.

For those curious, the “Vampire Breast Lift” is a procedure that increases and revives a woman’s “aging” breast size by injecting her blood into her breast.

Also to limit the goodies to famous, the bags are only given to nominees in the acting and directing categories.

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