Wrinkles The Clown Is a Nightmare for Hire in New Trailer

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Wrinkles The Clown Is a Nightmare for Hire in New Trailer

If you’re tired of clowns in politics or too much of a purist for the partially CGI Pennywise in the most recent renderings of him in It: Chapter Two, then Wrinkles the Clown should be on speed dial—and on your watchlist—this October.

The documentary from Magnolia Pictures and Magnet Releasing centers around a living urban legend named Wrinkles the Clown. Located in southwest Florida, people call “Wrinkles” to scare misbehaving children, prank their friends or even hire him for a birthday party. Despite his hireability and internet fanfare surrounding him, Wrinkles’ identity has remained shrouded in secrecy, until now.

The new trailer teases footage of the actual man under the mask, but it’s kept to minimal shots of his silver-gray hair on a balding scalp and his bare hands blowing up red balloons that would make Pennywise proud.

The film will explore the man behind the mask but also the making of this facade, and how myth-building moves at rapid speed now that scary stories are accessible by the glow of a computer screen and not just around a campfire.

Wrinkles is directed by Michael Beach Nichols, and produced by Jennie Bedusa, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter, Lowell Shapiro and Mike Dill. Executive producers include Michael Bloom, Ryan Heller, Jihan Robinson and Abby Davis.

The film will be available Oct. 4 on demand and in theaters, but until then you can see the trailer and poster below (or call him up yourself).


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