Allison Weiss – You+Me+Alcohol

Wolfgang's Vault (San Francisco, CA), 11/18/2010

Music Video Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss, whose album is aptly named Allison Weiss Was Right All Along, is a Brooklyn based performer who writes emotional, hopeful and optimistic songs that will stick in your head. She tells her story like this:

“Hello, my name is Allison Weiss. I was born on April 13th, 1987. Fifteen years later, in an effort to win over my high school crush, I picked up a guitar and decided to become a punk rock star. One month later our relationship ended, but my passion for music lived on. I moved to Athens, Georgia in 2005 for school and spent the next five years playing every show I could get. Open mics, clubs, festivals, street corners, you name it.

“By the time I released my first record in 2007, it seemed everyone in that little music-town knew my name. That was when life got really busy. I recorded two mix-tapes and an EP, booked tours during my school breaks, played out every weekend, and quietly built a super dedicated online fanbase through my social networks. In May of 2009 I launched a project on in an effort to raise $2k for a new record. Ten hours later I’d met my goal, which more than tripled in sixty days.”

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