Dawes Unlock Two New Singles, “Telescope” and “Never Gonna Say Goodbye”

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Dawes Unlock Two New Singles, “Telescope” and “Never Gonna Say Goodbye”

On Thursday, Paste helped Dawes launch their new Passwords web page, an interactive site that allows listeners to plug in clues and codes to unlock content from the band’s new album, out June 22. Along with the site came two new singles: “Telescope” and “Never Gonna Say Goodbye.” Now both songs are officially streaming, and you can listen to them below.

Each of the musical passwords, which have been scattered across the Internet for the taking, represents a refrain from Dawes’ expansive rock catalogue. There’s a lot to dig into there, keeping us preoccupied until the full-length Passwords comes out later this month. Two other singles from the new record, “Living In The Future,” which also has a music video counterpart, and “Crack The Case,” are also out. You can find those here and here, respectively. So far on the new tracks, the band has been taking some musical leaps, employing synth and more laid-back sonic elements, but the songs still pack the same emotional punch Dawes are known for.

Dawes have also announced a North American tour, during which they’ll treat crowds to two sets, a second chapter to their “Evening With Dawes” shows in which they toured with no opener and backed their most recent album, We’re All Gonna Die. You can find details on their tour here.

Watch Dawes play a handful of songs from their debut record, North Hills, and their 2011 album, Nothing Is Wrong, further down below in the 2013 footage from the Paste vault.

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