Field Music Share “Beyond That Of Courtesy” From Forthcoming Historical Concept Album

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Field Music Share “Beyond That Of Courtesy” From Forthcoming Historical Concept Album

Field Music have shared the latest historical vignette as part of their forthcoming concept album Making A New World. The single, “Beyond That of Courtesy,” looks at the French women’s suffrage movement after World War I and travels forward through time to comment on its continued influence on women in power.

As a stylistic break from its two preceding singles, “Beyond That of Courtesy” takes Field Music out of their familiar realm of danceable new-wave and into one of jagged contemplation. Opening with a peculiar drum rhythm making use of an array of claps and dings, the song launches into a churning progression of complementary noises. Sustained guitar strums create an ambient tension, while a pronounced bassline keeps the song pressing onward.

At the same time, frontman David Brewis’ voice stands with poise in the center of the clockwork-like music detailing the perspective of a French suffragette. Although the song’s underlying historical theme isn’t explicit within, the repeated chorus of “The recommendations have no force beyond that of courtesy” shows an intention for suffragettes to be seen as serious civil activists in this time of great change and upheaval.

A statement from the band explains the historical events driving the song’s narrative, citing the trailblazing efforts of post-WWI French suffragettes as inspiration:

“Beyond That of Courtesy” references the Inter-Allied Women’s Conference organized by the French Women’s Suffrage Societies post the First World War. The conference was designed to promote women’s political participation at both national and international levels.

Since the conference, the world can boast of electing names like Sirimavo Bandaranaike and Margaret Thatcher as the first woman leaders of the free world. “Progress but at a cost.”

Making A New World will be released Jan. 10, 2020, on Memphis Industries and can be preordered here. You can watch the video for “Beyond That of Courtesy” below, and find Field Music’s 2012 Daytrotter session, album details and tour dates further down.

Making A New World Album Art:

Making A New World Tracklist:
01. Sound Raging
02. Silence
03. Coffee or Wine
04. Best Kept Garden
05. I Thought You Were Something Else
06. Between Nations
07. A Change of Heir
08. Do You Read Me
09. From A Dream, Into My Arms
10. Beyond That of Courtesy
11. A Shot to The Arm
12. A Common Language Pt 1
13. A Common Language Pt 2
14. Nikon Pt 1
15. Nikon Pt 2
16. If The Wind Blows Toward The Hospital
17. Only in a Man’s World
18. Money Is a Memory
19. An Independent State

Field Music 2020 Tour Dates:

31 – Kendal, Brewery Arts Centre

01 – Glasgow, Scotland @ Kelvingrove Art Gallery
21 – Nottingham, U.K. @ Rescue Rooms
22 – Leeds, U.K. @ Brudenell Social Club
27 – Whitley Bay, U.K. @ Playhouse
28 – Manchester, U.K. @ Dancehouse
29 – London, U.K. @ EartH

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