Ganser Share Video for New Single “Projector”

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Chicago band Ganser have shared a new single, “Projector,” from their forthcoming album Just Look at That Sky, out this Friday (July 31) on Felte Records. Just Look at That Sky follows their 2018 debut Odd Talk. Back in 2018, Paste featured Ganser in our list of Chicago Bands You Need to Know.

“Projector” follows previous singles “Emergency Equipment & Exits,” “Bags For Life,” “Lucky” and “Bad Form.” On their new song, vocalist and keyboardist Nadia Garofalo writes from the perspective of an all-knowing nihilist who’s so deeply entrenched in their own cynical beliefs that they begin to think highly of themselves. It’s a cautionary tale, both for the danger of acquiring these beliefs and for the world events that can lead to this type of personal philosophy. Their contrast of spoken word vocals and unhinged guitars is a good metaphor for this character’s strangely calm surrender to meaninglessness and the chaos unfolding around them.

Garofalo says of the track:

It’s what happens when someone becomes so far removed from general society that their thoughts become a Dunning-Kruger Effect echo chamber of pseudo-wisdom and self-affirmations. Connection and perspective gets lost, but that echo becomes louder and often public. We shot this the day after SXSW was cancelled. We didn’t know what was coming, but we knew it wasn’t going to be good.

Watch the video for “Projector” below, and preorder Just Look at That Sky here.