Harmless Shares New Single “Nacho’s”

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Harmless Shares New Single “Nacho’s”

Harmless, aka Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Nacho Cano, has shared a new single “Nacho’s.” It’s part of a series of quarantine songs, and it follows his previous singles “Hannah Don’t Lurk,” “Sundae” and “Notice Me.” Last year, he released an EP titled Condiciones, which Paste named one of the best EPs of 2020.

“Nacho’s” is anchored by a piano loop and cascading synth riff, with Cano’s glistening, relaxed vocals drawing the listener close and putting them at ease. “Dame amor / Porque el silencio / Me duele mas / Mi corazón,” Cano sings in the light, winsome chorus (which translates to “Give me love / Because silence / Hurts me more / My love”). It’s a bright, danceable synth-pop meditation on loneliness and the fear that rekindling a relationship won’t yield the same feelings as before.

Cano says of the new single:

I’ve been naming songs after friends I either miss or friends of friends I haven’t met. This one felt very personal, I’m tired of being by myself most of the day. I fear that as time goes on the distance between myself and others will become harder and harder to gap as a result of the pandemic. We’re all carrying so much, it’s hard to see that right now. I just wanna be given love, I’m sure they want that too.

Listen to “Nacho’s” below.

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