Harper Blynn: Loneliest Generation

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Harper Blynn: Loneliest Generation

A good first impression

Loneliest Generation was produced by David Kahne, who also helmed the Strokes’ First Impressions of Earth. Harper Blynn is just as catchy as that notorious garage quintet, but with a kinder view of the world, answering The Strokes’ cynical Is This It with the can-do “This Is It.”

Standout track “25 Years” has ringing hooks and an infectious synth line, the title track is a state-of-youth anthem evocative of the pop-soul of Hall & Oates and slow-burners, like filmy acoustic number “The Doubt,” drip lovely, trailing harmonies. The lyrics are brief remembrances, slices of life and seize-the-day exhortations, full of effectively spun truisms: “I was taught to count my blessings twice,” Pete Harper and J. Blynn sing on gentle piano ballad “All Pretenders.” Harper Blynn sports a savvy modern-pop sheen and indelible hooks that recall Roman Candle; hopefully, they won’t be similarly overlooked.

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